About me

Lee Antony Smith is a successful business turnaround specialist, investor, business buyer and corporate advisor with over two decades of expertise in business. Lee invests in and advises businesses in a diverse range of sectors such as IT, recruitment, training, marketing, child care, manufacturing and building services.

Lee is a private investor and also a business turnaround expert with particular skills in increasing company valuations, mergers and acquisitions and stock market listings.

Lee has a great insight and eye for how to operate a business the most cost-effective way. Most strategies that Lee brings to businesses are unknown to the vast majority of accountants and financial advisers and Lee can generate as much as an extra 3-5x EBITDA for companies looking to sell.

Lee has been featured on BBC Radio and Sky News, providing business commentary as an industry expert and currently lives in London, England. Lee is actively involved in optimising, buying and selling SME companies in the UK with turnovers of £500k-£20m.

Lee is currently involved in several public listing deals, business acquisitions and is also involved in several turnaround  deals to help business owners exit their business profitably.

To find out how Lee can help you, use the Contact me form or call 020 3475 5475.

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